Software solutions tailored to client's needs with a focus on ease of use and key functionalities.


When your clients require business data and great reports.

Portfolio Manager

Control your business daily through insights into your clients and internal communication with them.

Portfolio Documents

From the offer to the contract, all the documents you need are easily accessible.

Purchase and Payment Tool

Automate and control your purchases and payments.

External Loans

Let your business partners sell your products.

Insurance Online

Your insurance policies sold online, by you or your business partners.

Financial Platform

For a financial company to develop steadily, it is essential that it properly manages its software resources as one of the essential links in its operation. Improvisation, unplanned development, concept diversification, multitude of technologies and complex architecture are just some of the problems that need to be addressed in order to achieve a functional, sustainable and prosperous environment. If the goals include speedy introduction of new solutions, ease of deployment, less dependence on high-tech solutions, simplifying the architecture, improving accessibility and control, then it is clear that software infrastructure development must be planned and built. Our platform allows you to avoid the most common problems and at the same time achieve better efficiency and competitiveness on the market.

Serverless architecture

The reliability and efficiency of your business applications through elimination of complex devops activities.

Fast development

Develop your business application in a few weeks with a full focus on business functionality.

Transparent deployment

The application life cycle is simplified and accelerated.

Platform security

The platform takes care of all security elements of the application by using OAuth2 and OpenID and by integrating with existing systems.

Platform transactional support

Keep your operations safe and secure, since that is what your clients expect.

Lots of ready to use services

Many of the services needed to develop your applications already exist, and new, ready to use applications are on their way.

Financial Consulting

We combine senior expertise with data-driven insights and customized advisory services to help our clients realize their full potential as catalysts for development, trade, and economic growth.

Core Banking Software support

We have years of experience and on-field projects in implementation and support of Core Banking systems.

Regulatory compliance

One of the basic elements of a business can be much simpler.


Experience and knowledge of the business environment necessary to help you make important decisions.


When you need additional resources.

About Us

In order to create software that prepares our clients for any future challenges and enables them to meet their goals more easily and plan their operation, we invest energy every day to understand how their businesses operate, what are their current and future challenges and what is the best way to solve them. In this manner we build and improve our competencies to provide good consulting and develop software solutions. The software platform on which our solutions are developed allows faster and more reliable development, more efficient deployment of applications, and facilitates future updates to those applications without any risk to their current versions. Our solutions are developed on modern technologies, on Java programming model and deployed in containerized environment. We integrate with existing systems and upgrade them, delivering completely new solutions. We have 15 years of experience in implementation, maintenance and integration with one of the leading European manufacturers of banking and financial software Asseco See.

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Banks are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform bank operations, open banking is no longer a distant dream, and omnichannel bank interactions are commonplace.

How has Fintech transformed finance?

The “Fintech” trend started few years ago. Since then, we’ve heard about new startups, the emergence of tech competitors in finance, and also banks investing in technology.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is the application of technologies to disrupt existing processes or bring in new paradigms in the financial industry.

Our Clients

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